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Introduction to the consultancy 

UNESO in a consortium of six other organizations is implementing a four-year Sexual Reproductive Health Rights (SRHR) advocacy programme (JAS programme) supported by  the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency – SIDA. The programme aims  at building a progressive social movement that boldly challenging the deep structures affecting  the realization of SRHR in Uganda.  

Therefore, as part of the ways to achieve this aim, UNESO shall map out Health facilities  (private and government) and civil society organisations (CSOs) that promote and provide SRH  services among sex workers in Gulu and Busia Districts. 


Sex workers are severely stigmatised population and extremely vulnerable to adverse sexual  reproductive health outcomes related to having multiple sexual partners such as unwanted  pregnancies, high exposure to sexual transmitted infections (STIs), sexual abuse /violence and  among others. However, despite the prevailing but limited and constrained SRHR services in  Uganda, the utilisation of SRHR services is often low among sex workers and is highly context -specific as there is a variation in accessing and utilisation of SRHR services among sex workers across the country. This more probably stems from differences in the availability, accessibility and quality of SRH services offered to where by the geographical sphere ( rural VS Urban  and peri-urban ) determines the availability, accessibility, affordability and quality of SRH  services offered which leaves the far-to-reach districts in Uganda, notwithstanding Gulu and Busia districts, with limited accessible to SRH services despite the fact that, some of  these districts have an outstanding growing numbers of sex workers exposed to high levels of  violence.

For example, According to an international journal for research, policy and practice,  a study on policing the epidemic conducted among female sex workers in Gulu district 2015  indicates that a total of 196(49.0%) sex workers experience physical and sexual violence from  clients in form of physical assault, rape, gang rape, refusal to use condoms, etc.  

The limited access and availability of health related services in far reaching areas, which is further compelled with limited scaling up of services by CSOs to where the Sex work  organizing including other human rights organisations in Uganda, has greatly been concentrated  in the central regions leaving out the rural districts yet they face similar or even more challenges  in the rural areas. There is also an information gap in the rural districts in regards to sexual and  reproductive health rights which has led to sex workers not accessing and demanding for sexual  and reproductive health services. Sex workers don’t know how and where to access the SRH  services.  

Main purpose of the consultancy

The exercise is aimed at identifying CSOs and health care facilities in Busia and Gulu districts  which advocate and provide SRHR service delivery to sex workers for partnership and  collaboration on promoting SRH services through referral and linkages of sex workers for  improved access to quality SRH services as well as access to justice for the SRH violations  experienced by sex workers in all their diversity. 

The mapping report shall provide partners and stakeholders with accurate and up to date  information on sex work -related SRHR interventions and provide a data base for SRHR  service referral and linkage to sex workers. 

Major tasks of the Consultant  

  1. The Consultant will draft an inception report detailing the structure and methodology to  be used to execute this assignment.  
  2. Draw detailed research questionnaires.
  3.  Review of relevant documents including research reports, monitoring tools among  others.  
  4. Conduct widespread consultations with FSWs document key findings.  v. Attend and facilitate the one day district review meetings organised by UNESO. After  the Consultant shall present a 2nd draft with the necessary amendments during a review/  validation meetings.
  5. Submit a final validated report to UNESO.

Expected Key Deliverables 

  1. An inception report.  
  2. Draft mapping report. 
  3. A final mapping report.  

Duration of work

The consultancy work is expected to be executed within 19 working days


The UNESO Programs Manager, supported by the MEL officer, will be in charge of supervising  the entire assignment and ensuring that all terms and conditions of this assignment are carried  out as agreed. 

Required expertise, qualification and work experience.  

Education qualification of the Lead consultant:  

  • Masters degree, Postgraduate or other advanced university degrees (at least M. Sc. or  equivalent) in the area of law, public Health, social sciences or any other relevant domain. A minimum of 5 years of professional experience in conducting institutional review, research  and needs assessments with prominent institutions. 
  • Demonstrated experience in capacity development initiatives, notably at the systemic and  institutional levels;  
  • Extensive conceptual and practical knowledge of sex worker movement and situation of sex  workers in Uganda. 
  • Experience in working and collaborating with stakeholders including governments; civil  society organisations and sex worker communities in Uganda;  
  • Demonstrated ability of analytical and report drafting work; 


The remuneration for the assignment will be determined and agreed upon during the first  meeting with the successful candidate.  50% payment of the quoted amount will be paid after the signing of the contract and  submission on the inception report.  50% will be paid upon the submission of the Final copy of the Mapping report. 

Application procedure

Interested persons are encouraged to send their expression of interest with all the required  documents to Email uneso2015@gmail.com

  1. Personal CV detailing relevant past experience in similar tasks, and at least 3 references.
  2. Expression of interest explaining why you are the most suitable person for the task, and  providing a brief methodology on how you will approach and conduct the task.
  3. A financial proposal broken down in line with the deliverables. 

Only short listed candidates will be contacted. Interested individual consultants must submit the following information not later than Thursday  29th Friday 2022  

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