Network of key population service organizations LTD (UNESO) intends to offer a one-year contract for the provision of health insurance to its six (6) employees and four (4) dependents for senior staff making a total of 10 people.

Interested vendors should submit a quote for the service as described in the RFQ.  Quotes are due by the following address by 4:00pm on Monday 25th / June / 2021 and questions rejecting this RFQ may be addressed to the following persons below

Name: Namakula Nakato Daisy

Title: UNESO National coordinator


Price period performance:     June 20th  2021 to 20th MAY 2022; please indicate the price for the contract.

Statement of specifications.

Potential suppliers should clearly outline the terms of the health insurance policy they intend to offer to the staff of Network of key population service organizations LTD.

The supplier should clearly identify the following

  • All exclusions from coverage
  • Repentant covered
  • Terms of eligibility and effective date
  • Percentage of covered expenses
  • Health facilities accesses able and under times cover.


Below are the age categories of the staff members

Number                                             Age

3 people                                            20 -35

3 people                                            35 – 50

4 dependent                                     3 – 15

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