Uganda Network of sex work -led organizations [UNESO] is an umbrella body for organizations led by sex workers for sex workers legally registered as Network of key population service organizations.  UNESO is mandated to bring together sex work led organizations across Uganda to form a collective voice that will enable sex workers to advocate for their rights. It also exists to create safe spaces where sex workers can convene, discuss and find solutions to the unending challenges that they face within the communities in which they live and work. UNESO exists to uphold the voices of sex workers in Uganda, and to coordinate and connect organizations that advocate for the rights of sex workers living and working in Uganda.


UNESO is seeking quotations from qualified vendors to provide exclusively catering and conference hall services for workshops or meeting engagements to be held in KAMPALA,  BUSIA and GULU district for the on-going Jas Program.

The vendor will be required to provide meals and refreshment and conference hall facility for 20 to 40 attendees at specified dates

Exact meeting dates will be provided to the selected contracts though out the year of 2021 – 2022.

Therefore exact date will be available before the contracts are signed.

The vendor must be willing to sign a contract without firm dates.

UNESO will have approximately 6 to 10 meetings in the period of 2021 – 2022. Each lasting to 1 – 3 days. Busy months will be provided after signing of the contract.


  1. UNESO reserves the right to reject any or accept  all Quotations received as a result of this RFQ
  2. Selection of any quotation will be at the sole discretion of UNESO based on various qualifications an capabilities including but not limited to price, quality of service and variety of menu.
  3. UNESO reserves the right to consider quotation modifications any time before a contract would be averted and after negotiations between UNESO and qualifying vendor.
  4. In the event it becomes necessary to revise any part of the Request for Quotation, an addenda will be provided and deadline for submission of proposals quotations maybe adjusted to allow for revisions
  5. To be considered, proposal must be submitted to person on or before the date and time specified.


It is strictly a one year contract which will be awarded in pursuant to this RFQ

Date:      RFQ issued 11th/JUNE/ 2021

Proposal due 20th/JUNE / 2021

Quotation submission ;  Quotations in regard to this RFQ should be submitted by email  addressing to;   UNESO National Coordinator  to


  1. Contractor will be expected to provide conference hall that can have people seated while maintaining social distance of about 25 to 40 participants.
  2. Provide breakfast, water and hot buffet lunch and evening tea/ afternoon break for up to 40 people as may be specified to particular meetings.
  3. Assurance of adherence to the COVID 19 S.O.Ps

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