Uganda Network of Sex Worker-led Organizations (UNESO), legally registered as Network of key population service organizations Ltd, brings together all sex worker-led organizations and small groups in Uganda.

UNESO is an umbrella body for organizations led by sex workers for sex workers in their diversity.

UNESO was established in 2015 with a countrywide mandate to provide a systematic and all-inclusive coordination structure for sex work organizations and support groups in order to play advocacy, policy, and decision-making roles in the sex work movement. This was after identification, acknowledgment, and recognition of coordination gaps among sex work initiatives in the sex work movement in Uganda.

UNESO is mandated to bring together sex work-led organizations across Uganda to form a collective voice that will enable sex workers to advocate for their rights. It also exists to create safe spaces where sex workers can convene, discuss and find solutions to the unending challenges that they face within the communities in which they live and work in Uganda.


To build a strong, unified, well-coordinated sex worker movement in Uganda by empowering member organizations through advocacy and research to enable a free and safe environment for sex workers in all their diversity.


A society where sex work is recognized and where respect for the human rights of sex workers in all their diversity prevails.


  1. UNESO is a recognized and respected partner and the voice that advocates for human and labor rights of sex workers in Uganda.
  2. UNESO is a vibrant and united sex worker-led movement for and by sex workers to uphold their dignity and to promote and protect their human rights
  3. Advance the well-being and wellness of its members 


  • Teamwork: We will work towards our common goal, holding space for each other, treat matters confidentially, and stand for and with each other in mutual respect.
  • Integrity: We will work with honesty, transparency and accountability as member organizations.
  • Inclusive: We will treat all individuals and organizations as equals, and will not discriminate.
  • Excellence: We will deliver with passion and commitment on our mission for the network as consistently and professionally.